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About Voice & Accent Training

Accent also known as elocution, accent modification, or accent neutralization, is a systematic approach for learning or adopting a new accent. It is the process of learning the sound system (or phonology) of a language or dialect. The method involves several steps, which include identifying deviations in the person's current speech from the desired accent (such as pronunciation, speech patterns, and speech habits), changing the way one uses the mouth, teeth, and tongue to form vowel and consonant sounds, modifying one's intonation and stress patterns, and changing one's rhythm. Using this method, individuals (such as those mastering a second language) may alter their speech to more closely resemble the accent of a certain group of people, and thus enhance the clarity of their communication with those people.
Two distinct types of accent reduction coaching are available: coaching targeted at telemarketers, which generally focuses on helping people to say scripted speech with a more "native-like" accent, and coaching typically offered to business people, which is usually geared towards assisting people to minimize miscommunication in spontaneous, conversational speech.